Jung Family Reunion

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  • TREE - Updates made to tree at the 2003 reunion

  • Barney Award -- A new section of the web dedicated to the newly devised Barney Award -- includes photo of the first recipients.

  • Reunion News - You will find a link with a wrapup story of the 2003 picnic.  We still need information about the other picnics listed so that we can acknowledge the previous committees and perhaps add some information about them.  Includes date for 2005 picnic

  • Jung Picnic 1946 Thanks to Joan and George Becker we have added names to the group photo of the 1946 Jung Reunion Picnic.  Just scroll to below the picture when you get there.

  • Photos from 2003 picnic -- A few from Alan, but mostly from Mark Novak (Official Photographer)