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To order your items, either call us, or send email with the following information:

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NOTE: Be sure to review the button for any special instructions for the item(s) you are ordering.   Tip pages are designed for quick and easy printing, and you can make notes and mail in as your order or inquiry.  If there is not a tip button, simply contact us with your ideas for more information.

We do not have a shopping cart.  Being an old time general store, we do business the old fashion way and will send you an invoice along with your product.

Thank You for your patience as we build our store.

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    Refrigerator Magnets   Specialty Invitations
Sticker Sets   Gardens
Computer Tutor Fun things with Photos
Computer Applications for Small Business or Home use 
Bumper Stickers EBAY Auctions
Ponds Decks
Business Cards Presentations
Bowling Potpourri
Address Labels WEB Building