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What is the frequent flyer program?

Web design and hosting for your family, business or non-profit organization.  We do it for you!

Need to post some information or photos on the web but do not have access to your own website, or don't have the expertise.  Contact us and we can set it up for you and host it for as little as $6.00 per month.  All you do is supply the materials or photos.  Some examples of uses are listed below, but what can you think of.

  1. Want to post some holiday photos for others to view.
  2. Post information and a questionnaire to refer to in a mailing.
  3. We can build and host your business or non-profit site. 

Once your items are posted, all you need to do is tell your friends and family to go to alsbowl.com and click on your frequent flyer link.  Or start using your web address in your business mailings or newsletter to family members.  They can just click and go.

  Pricing guidelines:
  NOTE: The fee listed in blue is the one time charge to set it up.  

 Type of web posting Fee Week Month Year
 Link only to your own web site $2 $2 $5 $25
 Posting of photo & text spread $20 $10 $15 $50
 Posting of  text information only $10 $5 $8 $35

Come Back Soon or Contact Us Now

     Email - al@alsbowl.com

     Phone - 651-249-8475  (Answering machine available)

     Thank you for your order!