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Fun things with Photos

You supply the photo(s) and we supply the handiwork for as little as $30.00. 

 Contact us with your ideas to obtain a price estimate.

  -- Want to give the Grandparents some pictures in a very special way.
  -- Turn that favorite photo into a puzzle.
  -- See refrigerator magnets for additional ideas.
  -- What can you think of?

Grandkids as Book Ends

Collage of that special event
Below - "Christina's first camping trip" 

KEEPSAKE Wooden Puzzle

Take that favorite photo and have it turned into a wooden puzzle that will give a lifetime of joy.  A group photo could be used with a young child as a fun "name the person" game.   Puzzles can be in the familiar large block design for younger children to learn, or in a more traditional multi-piece format.

Examples below use a blue line to demonstrate only.  The actual puzzle would simply be cut into puzzle pieces.