Descendents of John & Catherine (Kleinz) Jung



The Barney Award

Academy Guidelines


The Barney award has been created as a means to carry forward the enthusiasm that Barney brought to the Jung Reunion gatherings.  In honor of his efforts, this award will commemorate others who put extra effort or do special things to keep the reunion effort going.

Award Process:

Recipients of the award will be selected by a committee to be established which will be called the Academy.

Academy Membership:

The Academy will consist of all those who have been selected to receive a Barney Award. This will ensure a mixture not only of various families, but of varying ages. The academy will grow as new members become added at the various events.

Award Selection:

The Academy will accept nominations from the extended Jung family, to be considered for the Barney Award. In addition the committee may discuss and advance their own nominations for the award. The Academy will decide on the number and variety of awards for a given event. It can be a single award, or a group if it is appropriate. The selection(s) will be based on a majority vote of the Academy Members. The Academy will need to arrange meetings, written, or phone conversations that accomplish the selection and voting process.

Academy Officers:

To be effective, the Academy will need to decide what officers are needed, but at a minimum will need to elect a coordinator (Chair) to see that the Barney Award process is carried out and moves forward. The Chair would be responsible to ensure that members of the Academy are involved as needed.

Award Events:

Generally the Barney Award will occur in conjunction with the Jung Reunion events scheduled on a bi-annual basis. However, the Academy can also reach a decision to initiate an award at another happening or event if they deem the situation warrants it.

The Award:

The Barney Award has been designed as a "traveling trophy", which will be inscribed with the names of the various recipients. The award will be delivered for display at the Jung Reunion events. After each selection of new recipients, they will be allowed to take possession of the award and display it in their homes. When there are multiple winners, they should make an effort to keep the award traveling from home to home to ensure that each recipient has it for a period of time. This may promote some additional visiting beyond the given events.

If visiting to route the award is not feasible, then appropriate insured mailing can be considered. It will be the recipient(s) responsibility to deliver the award back to the Academy in time for them to finalize their new selections and add them to the award. The Academy will keep accurate records of the various recipients as well as the event at which they were presented, so that in the event the Award is lost it can be adequately replaced in a timely fashion.

Acknowledging Recipients:

In addition to inscribing the recipient(s) name on the Barney Award, the Academy will decide on an appropriate item to present to them. This will be an item the recipient retains permanent possession of to remind them that they were selected. It does not need to be expensive, but should be clear that it is Barney Award related, even if it means putting label maker tape on it.

Award Ceremony:

The Academy will meet and confer to plan how the presentation of awards will occur. This will include deciding on the sub-Award, who will participate, speak, and otherwise perform the ceremony. The Academy should try to incorporate humor and maybe gag gifts to make it a fun event for all. The presentation at a minimum will need to include a speech outlining why the recipient(s) are getting the award.

Academy Guidelines:

The Academy will review and update the guidelines as needed and ensure that updated copies are distributed to the members.