Compliments of Kelly McCalla - Our resident English Poet and College Professor.  Kelly is married to Celeste who is the Daughter of Martin (Junior), who is the son of Mary (Ma & Pa's Daughter.  Enjoy this prose about the 2001 event in South Holland.  Does it seem like the  Prose is shaped like a tree.  This is done in unmetered rhymed couplets.



Another Jung Reunion 

The year was 20-01
And the JUNG Reunion was so much fun! 

The were Younger Yungs, West-ern Rawwolfs, Becker-ing Butlers,
Hanningan Polos, Goff-ing Schwabs Merri(lees) Novaks, and Fritz-y Reichers.

The Clan gathered for Italian Pasta/Fried Kraut Chicken, Sliced Beef-n-Sausage Sandwichs in a hot hall
with more than food enough for all.

There were songs, speeches, stories
So the families could share their many glories.

However, before the end but not too un-long
Came the game of softball for the gathered throng.

Hits and errors, followed by falls and bad calls led to the final score
Of everyone alive but really sore.

Chatting, lying, boasting, hugs and kisses followed to the end.
All ate once more and promised to be back in 04 once more to see family and friend!