Descendents of John & Catherine (Kleinz) Jung

A Recap of the 2001 Event

Held on June 23, 2001   


Your committee thanks you for participating in this 2001 Jung Reunion Event:

        Tim and Sharon Novak
        Geralyn and Alan Soder  

It was a gorgeous day for the 2001 picnic, being mid 70's and low humidity. Susan Ukleja and family were the first to arrive, and Uncle/Father Barney was the last to leave.  As folks arrived and checked in they received nametags, which included the wing of the family they were descended from. EXAMPLE - MaPa>>> Emerick.  Those checking in also received a sheet to verify name, address, email and other information.  At the check in table there was also a laptop computer where folks could click around and view the current website which was running locally from the hard drive.

We had a sound system in place for announcements as well as for any meeting and speaking that would go on as the day progressed. Tim Novak brought along a rocking chair that was set up in the corner and intended for Barney to use when he gave his speech. Located in the corner, it was complete with a sign made by Andrew Novak, which read,

"Uncle Barney's Chair"


"Except if you are Barney"

The tables had some cups of crayolas on them, which our many artists (young and old) took advantage of to post their names or more extravagant art work. Some of our young artists even clipped out their artwork spot at the table to take home and enjoy later.  After a rendition of the "Jung at Heart" song, grace was said and then we ate.

After lunch and desserts, Barney spoke. He thanked the committee (Tim & Sharon Novak and Geralyn & Alan Soder). He spoke about the importance of keeping the Jung reunion tradition alive.  He also spoke about his recent visit when some of the folks from Germany came to Arizona.  They actually flew their motorcycles over from Europe to use in touring the U.S.  Barney talked about how he and Otto had visited various sites in Germany in an effort to track down the missing link that could prove them to be related.  Although they had visited many parishes and reviewed records, they so far had not found what they were seeking.

Barney asked Uncle Louis whether he remembered Ma & Pa shipping packages to Germany at Christmas when they were young, because that was one thing that might tie things together.  Uncle Louis could not specifically recall that.  Uncle Louis then spoke and shared with the crowd how hard Ma & Pa worked to make the new life in America work. He also noted that Pa was a very strict person and they learned that growing up. He recounted a story about that fact.

"When he was young he had been smoking and Pa suspected that he was. When confronted by Pa and asked about it, Louis replied, no he was not smoking. Pa struck his hand with the ruler he had. He then told Louis he did not do that because he was smoking, but had struck him for lying. Louis said he never lied again after that"

Barney then did the rounds of the various families so that all could catch up on the news any folks wanted to share.  The various family members introduced those in attendance along with any newsworthy events of the past few years.  There were tears and cheers as people spoke.  It was a very nice gathering and speaking, and one that helps the younger ones understand the importance of the event.  Barney also commented on how we missed hearing from any of Leo's family and asked whether anyone knew of anything about them.  

Then it was on to the ballgame and they chose up sides.  Some played and others were the fans cheering and rooting for fabulous plays. S ome folks chose to stay in the hall and just continue to visit around.  The game was played for several hours and then the weary teams came back in for lemonade and water to cool back down. There was more food and good cheer and visiting aplenty. It then became that time when some folks had to leave for other commitments

As those who stayed continued to visit, Alan Goeke mentioned that he had a projector which he could hook up to the computer and show the website on the wall. There was a pull down screen in the hall so we were all set. After Alan & Alan had the equipment set up, we brought Uncle Barney’s rocking chair up to the front. He sat there and with mike in hand, began to narrate the photos as others gathered and pointed at "who was who" on the 1946 picnic photos and others.  Barney would give a sign when he was ready for the next photo.  So the early evening was spent going through all the photos and other information on the web, and it ended with one more rousing "Jung at Heart" as the web page of that was displayed.  Although this event wasn’t planned, it was a huge hit and we hope we can do that again at the future reunion events.

Then the visiting continued and then winded down. At that point those longgggggg Jung goodbyes were underway. Heartfelt hugs and wishes until the gang could meet again. The stories were still flying from Uncle Barney as the cleanup of the hall began.  As Marc steered him toward the door, it was "Wait one more story."  Then all was shut down as the sun set on a wonderful reunion event.