Patricia shares these photos  - (Alan - Use your scroll bar to view pictures, as I didn’t want to make them too small.)

Notes from her:  I think the group picture had to have been taken sometime between 1915-25.  He was also a tailor in Vienna, I was told, so when we went there they showed us where the “tailor district” was.  After he closed up shop in Milford, I believe is when Grandpa worked at Maurice L Rothschild in downtown Chicago.  My Mom also said he made clothes for his children.  I’m sure some of you remember going to see him in Chicago.  We’d go every year at Christmas time.  We used to go downtown every year and see Santa, and then we would go and see Grandpa at Maurice L Rothschild.  I was probably the only one of my siblings that went to see him because I was probably 3,4,5,6, or 7, because Grandpa probably retired after that.  I can remember it like it was yesterday.  I remember the room and Grandpa would come out with the tape measure around his neck.